Members (14.04.2014)

The Global Passive Building Council has the following Members

Amery Lovins

Amery Lovins from USA
Rocky Mountains Institute

Corey Saft

Corey Saft from USA

Florian Antretter

Born on July 27, 1978 in Rosenheim, Germany

Florian Antretter is group manager of the work group Hygrothermal Building Analysis at FraunhoferIBP. The group examines the hygrothermal performance and interaction of the building envelope and
systems with the enclosed space. The achieved insight is used to develop and apply a hygrothermal
whole building simulation tool. An integral consideration of all boundary conditions influencing the
hygrothermal building performance allows a detailed analysis with regards to energy use, indoor
environment and the hygrothermal conditions in the building envelope.
During his professional career Mr. Antretter gained experience on building site as a certified craftsmen.
Material, component and whole building measurements in laboratory and in the field combined with
statistical data assessment at Fraunhofer IBP and Oak Ridge National Laboratory extended his
experience. He is expert in hygrothermal building component and whole building simulation as well as
in application of computational fluid dynamics software.
His involvement in various North American, Asian and European projects enable him to conduct
research and develop solutions in an international environment. Since 2010 he lectures to civil
engineering students at University of Applied Sciences Munich. Mr. Antretter has published more than
25 scientific articles in international journals and conference proceedings.

Professional Activity
01/11 current Group Manager at Fraunhofer Institut für Bauphysik (IBP), Holzkirchen
04/08 12/10 Research Associate at Fraunhofer Institut für Bauphysik (IBP), Holzkirchen
10/07 03/08 Research Associate at Technical University Munich
03/05 current Engineering Consultancy
10/02 02/05 Intern and Student Assistant at Fraunhofer Institut für Bauphysik (IBP), Holzkirchen
05/04 10/04 DAAD-Schoolar at Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL), USA
08/98 09/98 Apprenticeship in Carpentry at Zimmerei Zaisserer, Raubling

2007 Master Degree (University of Applied Sciences Rosenheim)
2004 Diploma Degree (University of Applied Sciences Rosenheim)
1998 Certificate of Apprenticeship (Carpentry and Wood Building Construction)

Günther Gantioler

Scientific director PHI Italia, Passive House Institute Italiy (, Pfarrhofstraße 60a, 39100 Bozen (BZ) - Italy
Born in 1969, is a graduated energy-, environmental consultant and construction biologist.
He has been informing handcrafters, planners and private persons for years since 1989 about energy saving building. In 1995 he met the passive house concept and concentrated his work on applying passive house technologies in Mediterranean locations and passive house renovation of historical important buildings. He published several technical journals with focus on energy efficient constructions.
In 1999 he founded TBZ as a consulting institute for passive house constructions with the focus on combine energy efficiency and materials for healthy constructions. In 2013 TBZ was transformed in PHI Italy to concentrate the efforts on the reduction of energy consuption in buildings and deep renovation. A focus remains on research of active buildings in difficult climate zones like cold alpine locations or hot and humid situation in Italy.
Guenhter Gantioler remains director of TBZ ( as Institute for Building Physics and research.

Graham S. Wright

Graham S. Wright earned a Ph.D. in electrical engineering from the University of Illinois and worked ten years for Eastman Kodak. In 2007 he decided to devote the rest of his career to energy efficiency and renewable energy. In 2008 he took one of the first Certified Passive House Consultant trainings with PHIUS (, became himself a certified trainer in 2010, has been chair of the tech committee since 2011 and has been working with PHIUS as a Senior Scientist since 2012. As an independent consultant, he has also worked on several passive building energy designs and moisture analysis cases, mainly in the northwest.

Jens Laustsen

Jens Laustsen from France

Julie Torres Moskovitz

Julie Torres Moskovitz from USA

Katrin Klingenberg

Katrin is Co-Founder and Executive Director of the Passive House Institute US (PHIUS - PHIUS promotes the wide adoption of passive building principles in North America through specialized consultant training and certification, project and product certification, and educational efforts for building professionals and the general public.

Ms Klingenberg designed and built the very first home in the United States applying the European passive house standard and design specifications in 2002-2003. She has designed and consulted on numerous passive projects since across North America"s varied climate zones and is working on research for the refinement of current passive house standards to North American climate zones. In addition to her executive role she is the lead instructor for PHIUS Certified Passive House Consultant training. In that role she directs curriculum. She also directs the technical and research programs of PHIUS. She holds a Masters Degree in architecture from Ball State University and is a licensed architect in Germany.

Mike Kernagis

Mike Kernagis from USA

Mike Knezovich

Mike Knezovich from USA

Oliver Drerup

Oliver is a builder having run several residential and light commercial construction companies for over 27 years.
He has been a trainer for the R-2000 Program since its inception and is responsible for organizing Canada's International Training Team and for developing their curriculum. He has constructed numerous buildings in Ireland, UK, Russia, China, Korea, Japan and Canada.

Peter Amerongen

Peter Amerongen of Habitat Studio in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada has been designing and building energy efficient houses since the 1970"s. Habitat Studio has built 6 net zero energy houses including one that has produced 4000kWh more than it used for each of the last 2 years in Edmonton"s 5100OC (9200OF) heating degree day climate. Habitat Studio has also built more than 35 houses with ratings of 86 or better under Canada"s Energuide Rating System. He currently has 5 more net zero energy houses under construction or in design.
Peter is a Certified Passive House Consultant (PHIUS and PHI) and come to realize that responsible net zero energy design must include Passive House levels of conservation. He has helped with one Passive house project that is on track for certification and has begun to incorporate selected Passive House measures in Habitat"s projects.
He also serves on the boards of the Net Zero Energy Home Coalition and Passive Buildings Canada.

Prudence Ferreira

Prudence Ferreira from USA

Ross Elliott

A Certified Passive House Consultant and LEED-AP based in Almonte, Ontario, Ross has over 30 years of expertise in sustainable construction. Hefounded Homesol Building Solutions in 1999 to help inspireNorth American owners, builders, renovators and designers to create the most energy efficient homes possible.
Ross is a former R-2000 builder and licensed carpenter, a founding member and director of Passive Buildings Canada, a director of the Ontario Natural Building Coalition, past Director of EnerQuality Corporationand a Faculty Member of the Canada Green Building Council. He has evaluated thousands of houses, and has provided research and training for organizations including Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation, Ontario First Nations Technical Services and Natural Resources Canada.

Sebastian Moreno-Vacca

Sebastian is architect, educator and publisher. He has successfully championed passive house building in his native Belgium. Today, passivehouse is the Brussels building standard thanks in large part to Sebastian's efforts.

After graduating with high honors from UCL Brussels with his architecture degree, he founded his own practice A2M sprl (see
In 2006, he and his colleagues founded PMP asbl (Plateforme maison passive), a leading force in the promotion of the passive house standard. Sebastian continues to serve as president of the PMP board of directors.
In 2007, he start teaching at University of Architecture ULB Brussels.

Since 2007, all of his own firm's projects - new and retrofit - have achieved either passive house or zero energy. In 2009, he launched a substential new quarterly magazine, "be passive (see The publication has become a mainstay resource and is a model for other publications around the world.
He contributes daily to training conferences, seminars, fairs and research and development projects in the field of "passive house standard.

Terry Brennan

Terry Brennan from USA

Tex McLeod

With over 30 years in housing and energy conservation Tex is one of North America's leading presenters on energy, housing and indoor air quality. Tex delivers training across Canada, the US and has traveled on behalf of CMHC's International Training Team to South America, Russia and China. Tex is a past board member of EEBA, and has presented at many US venues including: Colorado, Alaska, North Carolina, Nevada, California, Florida, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Georgia, Arizona, Oregon and the recent Passive House conference in Washington DC. In addition to delivering training, Tex has also worked to develop training materials for a variety of clients including: EEBA / EPA, CMHC, Ontario Hydro, NRCan, Atlantic Home Warranty and Ontario First Nations Technical Services. Tex was also part of the original team that put together indoor air quality workshops for CMHC as well as the EEBA IAQ workshop.