Global Passive Building Council

I We need to face the limitations of our planet
II We believe that we must ultimately achieve a carbon neutral world.
III We believe the building industry can and must contribute to this objective.
IV We believe that reduced energy consumption through passive design represents an easy, simple and affordable response to this challenge.
V We believe that regionally adapted passive design is the necessary foundation for the development, construction and renovation sector to achieve zero carbon while ensuring occupant comfort and health.
VI We believe this enables both emerging and developed economies to act locally in fulfilling our collective responsibility while improving resilience and quality of life
VII The information needed to construct such buildings should be disseminated openly and remain in the public domain for the benefit of all.
VIII We commit to sharing information with all levels of society and working together to popularize zero and positive energy buildings through passive design.

We share the common goals of global carbon reduction, human comfort and habitat resilience in all climates through passive design.
This is a time-sensitive international issue that can only be successfully addressed through the dedication of the collective knowledge we"ve derived from our unique regional insights and expertise.

We acknowledge that current passive design practices and standards have been built on generations of previous work worldwide. We celebrate the efforts of all those who have shared their knowledge and brought us this far.
The education, capacity, and innovation needed to achieve significant implementation come from diversity, collaboration, and transparency.

Because collaboration is imperative, the GPBC is structured as a membership-directed, consensus-seeking organization of equal stakeholders. An interim board will serve to establish organizational operations initially, with a target for elected regional representation to populate the council by 2015.

Next Meetings

  • 11.2015, Videoconference

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